Overseas Relocation – Removals


Looking for bigger opportunities? Leaving Malta for good, or maybe for a few years? Dexter ensures that your precious belongings, no matter whether they are large or small are delivered to your new address. We have teamed up with international transportation groups to reach the entire world. All you need to do is simply contact us with your requirements and we will take care of the rest.



At the heart of our company is a sense of pride in knowing that we have helped in making our clients happy. Our attitude towards work is a positive one, that has been stirred from decades of experience.

We want to provide consistent excellent service to our customers, whatever the size of the job at hand.

Specific to Overseas Relocation – Removals

  • International partners ensuring worldwide coverage
  • Constant communication with both partners and clients
  • Different methods of transport as per requirements
  • Large and small objects transported professionally and responsibly

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Furniture Transport

Our most popular service is furniture transport. We have been delivering both new and used furniture in a safe and professional manner for decades.

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24 hrs Delivery

In some special instances you might need delivery at unconventional times. You can rest assured that Dexter will be able to deliver anywhere, anytime.

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We provide all the required packaging equipment for various jobs. We pack items and include this service in most of our deliveries.

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Dexter makes use of designated areas and landfills to ensure that whatever you dispose of is treated properly with special care for the environment.

Easy and Efficient Service

If you want more information with regards to our services or are interested in obtaining a quote you can contact us in different ways. Fill in our form or send an email to info@dexter.com.mt for a 24 hr response or call us on (356) 9949 9871 for a more immediate reply.